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SERAPHAGIA [ ser-uh-fey-jee-uh ]


1. The swallowing of angels.

welcome to my little corner of the net.

here you'll find:

information about me

information about my various projects

smaller works such as poetry, short stories, etc

a list of where else you can find me

??? mysteries ???

a new lease on life(?)

i hope you enjoy your stay.


added a page for my poetry.


did some work, published lise's profile and reorginaized the character page by location. also added cursor sparkles because... i couldnt resist lol


finally published zsolti's profile... it's not 100% complete but im tired of sititng on it lol. gonna try to do more work while im here


added HOME playlist to the landing page... because i couldnt resist. it kind of throws off the oldnet aesthetic tho :/ oh well


hopefully fixed the weird formatting issue w the relationship section on character pages... idk for sure yet tho cause i havent checked on a bigger resolution screen yet (my laptop is only like 15" while my pc is 27" or something). also added a lil section at the end where i'll... embed my oc spotify playlists, because of course. gonna try and finish typing up the info for zsolti's character page so i can have that up soon too.


finally added the first character profile, naturally it's for oliver. finished and added the first batch of pixel icons but i have.... So many more i'm going to need to make @__@ ah well. anyway, i'm not putting any art on the character pages just yet, i want to make some pieces specifically for them so that there won't be any scaling issues, and they can be the most accurate "basic" refs possible. we'll see if/when that actually happens though...


created links page, other works page, and misc page. going to start on character profiles now probably... and hopefully finish the icons for them i'm working on soon too. we'll see!


created characters page, though it's currently empty. hopefully i can get my ass in gear and make some icons for it. basic setting page has also been made, but also needs more work (namely, specific places within the grander locations need their own pages).


building is occuring. created about page and landing page for HOME.