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HOME is the working title of my passion project, of which i hope to eventually make into a multi-media webcomic. it's my life's work and i plan to do everything in my power to make it the best it can be. however, i've still got a long way to go, as it's very much only in the planning phase. but for now, you can read a little about its characters and the world in which it takes place, by clicking the links below.


an up-and-coming young actor and the newly appointed chief executive of a pharmaceutical company agree to investigate a strange series of events the pair witnessed the night they met. their collaboration is tumultuous and begrudging at first, until their discoveries lead them to question not only the reality of the world they live in, but their own pasts and places within that world.

meanwhile, a reclusive young artist has begun waking from restless, tortured dreams to find pages of an unknown comic on their computer. though the pages are clearly drawn by their own hand, they have no recollection of creating them. the comics document the story of the above pair of amateur investigators. the artist has begun hosting these pages on their blog, hoping that perhaps in sharing them, they'll find some kind of peace.

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