i am allowed to reject any commission for any reason.
will draw: ocs, canon characters, humanoid-leaning furries (kemono), mild gore
won't draw: nsfw, hard gore, illegal/offensive content, furries/animals, the typical stuff folks put in this section
extremely complex designs may cost extra, at my own discretion.
i tend to be a lot better at drawing fem or androgynous characters, and may reject your request for a super masc character if i don't feel like i can do them justice.
visual reference of decent detail is required, otherwise i charge extra for design work (see below for details). i will design your character a new outfit though, free of charge, upon request.
likewise i may make very slight design changes to the character for the sake of making the process easier/the final result better. these will be gone over during the sketch preview phase and can be veto'd by you.
payment will be sent via paypal and must be recieved before i am to begin work.
you're free to use commissioned work for non-commerical purposes and reupload it elsewhere, so long as credit is given.
i have zero interest in making NFTs or anything related to the blockchain, so please do not ask. use of my work in this way is prohibited.
as of right now, all options are 1 character per img max.

about this style of commission:

the way these particular commissions work is that essentially you give me a character to draw (or have me design a character for you) and some info about them (st like a character profile would be ideal), and i have the creative freedom to draw basically whatever i feel like (within reason, obviously). i'll then send you a sketch to preview and which you can approve/request changes to, and once you've given me the go ahead i'll finish it up and have it back to you.

avg wait time is probably about a week times however many people are in the queue before you. queue will be located at the bottom of this page if you want to check your status in line. however do keep in mind that i'm both disabled and in the process of getting ready to move cross country, so i ask that you please be patient with me.

my style tends to vary a lot, so i can't really tell you what variation you'll be getting until i've drawn it. it's a little bit of a dice roll, so think of it kind of like an art gachapon. :)

if you have a project in mind that falls outside the scope of what's offered here, feel free to reach out and we can discuss if it's something i'd be able to do and how much it'd cost.

types and examples (click imgs for fullview):

type A (full color) - $90USD

a full color piece, featuring my usual background and texture work. i'll take inspiration for details and effects from whatever information you provide along w the character, as well as my typical resources and process.

type B (monochrome) - $60USD

single-color monochrome/limited palette shaded piece, featuring less texture work and a rougher/sketchier feel. same rules apply for details/effects.

character design:

for double the base price of a piece, i will design a character for you based on specifications you provide/we discuss. this may include bonus concept sketches if i have any to show. the character will be yours for all non-commerical purposes, all i request is that you credit the design to me wherever you post/use them. this fee and terms also apply for characters who do not have a visual ref (such as if they only have a text-based design description, or a moodboard or something of that nature). so keep that in mind.

if interested, please feel free to dm me on twitter (fastest). alternatively i can also be reached on dA or toyhouse (may take longer for me to respond tho). regardless, thanks for reading!


1. 1 Type A - @DollVerity
2. 1 Type B - @vividbees
3. 1 Type B - @BloodByWinter