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A charming young professional and heir to the Leuthanic business empire. Just recently moved to Los Alamos to take on the role of CEO to the American branch of said company. An incredibly charismatic man, he's quickly integrated himself into the social circles of LA's rich and famous.


Full Name: Zsoltan Spektor

Nicknames: Zsolti

Age: 26

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Gender: Cis Man

Orientation: Pansexual

Birthday: October 31st

Nationality: Hungarian

Species: Human


Height: 6'2" (188cm)

Body Type: Toned, athletic, ectomorph.

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: White

Hair Style: Short, curly, elegantly disheveled.

Skin Tone: Very pale, cool undertones (Albino)

Race: White, 1/4th European Jewish


Occupation: Business Executive (Branch CEO of Leuthanic USA)

Income Bracket: Absurdly High

Education: Post-graduate

First Language: Hungarian

Other Languages: English (fluent), French (semi-fluent), German (semi-fluent), Italian (somewhat), Spanish (somewhat), Dutch (somewhat)

Residence: Mulholland, Los Alamos, CA

Home: Enormous luxury mansion in the Mulholland hills, overlooking the city.


Comes off as warm, friendly, and highly charismatic. The kind of person you'd naturally want to trust.
Goes to great lengths to maintain this idealized persona, to come off as a completely flawless and outstanding individual.
In reality, he's perpetually bitter, dissatisfied, and frustrated.
He actually thinks very little of the people around him, despite caring so much about how he's perceived.
He's highly motivated and ambitious, but with an extreme need for control in every situation.
Often overworks himself because of this need, and could be described as a workaholic.
Has serious trust issues, with little to no faith in humanity. He always expects the worst from people.
A skilled manipulator, uses his carefully fabricated façade to exploit others for his own gain.
He believes that no one is truly good or kind simply for the sake of it, that everyone is just out for their own gain in one way or another. Uses this mentality to justify his behavior and treatment of others.
Forces himself to be outgoing for the sake of his image and career, but greatly prefers to be alone.
Narcissistic, haughty, and prideful. Considers himself superior to other people in all ways, but especially intellectually.
Has little empathy for people, and is often annoyed by their problems despite feigning sympathy.
A capitalistic, social-Darwinist who ultimately only looks out for himself and his interests, often at the cost of others'.


Albino, very pale with white hair and red eyes.
Hair is short and curly, meticulously styled to look effortless.
He is always immaculately groomed.
Secretly wears light, natural-looking makeup to keep himself looking flawless (and to hide the eyebags he has from overworking himself). Also fills in his eyebrows.
Lightly muscular and toned, with a more ectomorphic frame.
Prominent canines/fangs.
Long eyelashes.
In general, a very handsome, downright pretty man.


Dresses sharply, most often in three-piece suits, ties, and general formal attire.
Though he often can't really show it, he has a gothic bent to his sense of style, liking dark ornate patterns and fancier, Victorian elements. (Think vampire fashion.)
More often though he wears much simpler (though still very sharp) business suits, for work, still in dark colors, and with only occasional flair.
Rarely, he will be seen dressing casually, typically still in a collared shirt or fitted turtle/mock-neck sweater, and still with slacks and dress shoes.
Almost always wears gloves, usually white, or black depending on his outfit.
Everything he wears is extremely expensive.


Deeply loves animals, especially cats. Owns and funds various cat sanctuaries around the world, including one he founded in LA upon moving there.
He tries not to keep many animal companions with him though, and is extremely cagey when asked why not. Prefers to only temporarily foster a few animals himself, until they can be adopted permanently by others (after a strict application and vetting process, of course).
Currently he has three cats living with him: Roszie, Anastazia, and Tony, all three of which are rescues he's fostering.
Enjoys reading a lot, especially philosophical books, historical non-fiction, and horror/supernatural fiction (a guilty pleasure).
Very athletic, works out daily and keeps himself in top shape.
Owns a plethora of luxury cars, and prefers to drive himself places rather than hire a chauffeur.
Collects authentic medieval/ancient torture devices, and has a secret love of the grotesque and macabre.
Writes detailed "memoires" about his life and thoughts, and is fond of writing in general.
Took violin and piano lessons as a kid, and still retains some of those skills (albeit begrudgingly).
Actually has a pretty strong interest in clothes and fashion.


Pretty much runs on coffee and alcohol to keep himself going, to the point of a mild dependence on both.
Vegan, due to the horrors the meat, dairy, etc. industries inflict on animals.
Well-versed in the internet and its subcultures, having spent perhaps an unhealthy amount of time online as a kid.
Has poor eyesight, but refuses to wear glasses or contacts in public. Privately wears reading glasses at home or in his office, when he needs to.
Graduated top of his class from a highly elite American business college.
I wasn't kidding about the workaholic thing. He can frequently be found at home working late into the night, on things he could easily have delegated to someone else. But he doesn't trust other people not to mess up and/or intentionally sabotage him, so he'll do as much as he can himself (so that he has full control of the process).
This leaves him pretty exhausted most of the time, hence all the coffee.
He is highly sexual, and engages in a lot of casual sex. He is also… very well endowed.


Birthplace: Budapest, Hungary

Weapon of Choice: Pistol

Username: ZsoltanSpektor (PR accounts), DeusCorpus (personal)

Health Issues: Albinism, resulting in photosensitivity and poor eyesight.

Allergies: The sun?

Phobias: None

Smells Like: Expensive custom-made cologne, rosewater, cigarettes

Posture: Perfect

Voice/Speaking Style: _

Family: Father, Vincent Spektor the CEO and owner of Leuthanic, and his mother Terezia Spektor, a socialite. Also has a cousin living in LA...

Self-esteem: Too high.

Temperament: Deep down always somewhat bitter and displeased. Forces a warmer affect than he actually possesses. Grumpy, but you wouldn't know it unless you REALLY get on his nerves.


Zodiac: Scorpio

Element: Fire

Temperament: Choleric

Enneagram: 1w?


Alignment: Neutral Evil


Color: Black or Red

Scent: Burning Firewood

Flavor: Cinnamon

Food: Cinnamon Chimney Cake (Kürtőskalács)

Drink: Coffee

Cocktail: Cherry Palinka

Animal: Cat

Place: His childhood home in Budapest

Weather: Overcast, chilly

Season: Spring

Holiday: None

Story Genre: Horror, historical

Music Genre: Pop, europop