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a large, sprawling coastal city, the largest in Califournia. home to many smaller boroughs varying widely in income levels, but primarily characterized by wealth and luxury. visually defined by a mixture of asphalt, southwestern desert, palm trees, beaches, and a sharp contrast between poverty and extreme affluence. the city is most well known for being the center of the world's entertainment industry, and is a popular tourist destination for its many iconic studios locations, as well as its comfortable mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches, and numerous entertainment venues and amusement parks.

notable locations within LA:


Temple Beach

Downtown LA

a small town in northern Califournia, which does not appear on any modern maps and is for the most part unknown, having seemingly disappeared after an incident in the late 80s. the landscape is mostly made up of abandoned buildings and a disproportionate amount of graveyards, amid a dense forest background. despite the town's small size, it's extremely easy to get lost within, especially among the towering redwoods. the few remaining residents will tell you, something strange is happening here, and has been for a very long time.

notable locations within AH:

Lake Sepultura

Downtown Amarillo

Markovic Manor

a tourist town known for the beautiful red rock formations in and around it. it's a hot spot for new-age spirituality, in particular surrounding its "vortex sites", phenomena that are supposedly the result of unique energy fields created by the landscape. the town thrives on its reputation as a strange place where mysterious forces are at work, and many tours and businesses capitalize on these ideas. however, outside of the main strip that rests along the interstate, much of the rest of the town is average and quite small, albeit very wealthy.

notable locations within MM:

Archangel's Cathedral

Metamora Preparatory Academy

Whale Rock

The Magic Strip