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A young, up-and-coming actor living in Los Alamos. A rising star who moved from the UK to Mulholland several years ago to further pursue his career, and has been making quite a name for himself in the industry ever since. Known for being charming and bright, if a bit eccentric.


Full Name: Oliver Dorian Goodnight

Nicknames: Ollie, Olive (disliked)

Age: 25

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Gender: Nonbinary Male

Orientation: Gay

Birthday: August 13th

Nationality: English

Species: █████


Height: 5'7" (170cm)

Body Type: Delicate, lithe, androgynous

Eye Color: Pale Green

Hair Color: Dark Red

Hair Style: Short, flips up on either side towards the back, and curls inward framing his face.

Skin Tone: Very pale, cool undertones.

Race: White (Western/Northern European)


Occupation: Actor (Stage and Screen)

Income Bracket: High

Education: High School (Homeschooled)

First Language: English

Other Languages: French (somewhat)

Residence: Mulholland, Los Alamos, CA

Home: 1 bedroom loft, in an older building that was more recently remodeled into luxury apartments.


Outgoing, charismatic, and highly animated.
Generally enthusiastic, even cheery.
A natural born entertainer and skilled performer, who loves to be the center of attention.
Snarky, quick-witted, clever and highly intelligent. An excellent improviser.
Tries to maintain a certain image, of being bubbly, warm and harmless.
Seeks approval and adoration, constructs a superficial persona to obtain it.
A skilled manipulator, with no problem using people for his own gain.
Ruthlessly ambitious, determined in his goals and unwilling to let anything stop him.
Vindictive and spiteful if he feels he's been wronged in some way, prone to seeking retribution, often disproportionate to however he was slighted.
Chronically lonely, describes himself as feeling "empty" or as if there is a hollow place inside him, which he tries to fill with "love" to no avail.
Despite being so social and often surrounding himself with people, he doesn't connect with any of them on more than a performative surface level.
Confident to the point of arrogance; a narcissist, who feels entitled to others' adoration.
Actually pretty emotionally unstable, with self-destructive and violent tendencies that he makes a concentrated effort to hide from others.
Prone to eccentric, "dreamlike" behavior, especially when emotional. Examples include things spontaneously reciting poetry or lines from plays, and talking to plants.


Pale olive green eyes with full eyelashes.
Hair is short, curls upward, and inward around his face, with straight bangs and "hair horns" in the back.
Black nail polish most of the time, long slender fingers.
Pale skin, with red around his eyes (makeup?) and full eyelashes.
Lithe, androgynous figure, with a delicate and petite frame.
Slightly prominent canines/fangs.
Androgynous facial features, described often as being very pretty.


Style varies wildly, including both traditionally feminine and masculine clothes. (He only really wears fem styles in private, though, at least at first.)
Often dresses with a goth aesthetic, veering into grunge. Sometimes features gothic lolita elements as well.
A big fan of florals, as well as stripes, lace, and plaid. All typically in dark colors.
Wears a lot of sweaters and cardigans, often over dress shirts or fancy and lacey blouses. These are paired with ribbon ties.
Has pierced earlobes, and a double helix piercing on his left ear.
Often wears a simple black hairband.
Wears combat boots more than any other shoes, but also dress shoes like oxfords, brogues, loafers, or mary janes.
Also often wears many rings, chokers and fingerless gloves (lace or fishnet most commonly).


An enormous plant enthusiast, his apartment is positively filled with plants, and he even rented the roof of his apartment building to house his own private garden.
Reads constantly. Mostly horror, mystery, philosophy, poetry, and nonfiction pertaining to subjects he's interested in.
He's fascinated with the paranormal and unexplained, as well as the morbid and macabre.
He likes to hike, and explore isolated or abandoned places, even (perhaps especially) restricted areas.
He collects odd mementos, such as loose bones and teeth, preserved dead animals and insects, broken pieces of objects, pressed flowers, and other oddities.
A great singer, having often performed in musicals as a teenager. Can also play guitar, bass, and ukulele, with varying degrees of skill.
An amateur photographer, who especially loves old film-based cameras from the 80s/90s. He takes photos of plants and nature mostly, with a particular interest in photographing dead or decaying things.
Skateboards, and uses this as his preferred method of local transportation.
Enjoys writing and often writes poetry, though he's deeply embarrassed of it.
Likes puzzles and games, especially the old fashioned kinds like chess, go, mahjong, or card games. Actually participated in a few chess tournaments as a kid, at his mother's behest, and did quite well.


Aside from the basic functions of his phone, he's pretty inept when it comes to modern technology, and finds using computers somewhat difficult.
Even then, he's extremely prone to breaking his phone in a fit of rage and having to replace it. It's pretty much always cracked as a result.
When alone or tending to them, he talks to his plants, often about his thoughts and feelings or about how his day was.
He has a cat, named Poe, and it's the first pet he's ever had. The cat more or less forced Ollie to adopt him, by repeatedly sneaking into his apartment until Ollie finally relented and let him stay.
He can't drive, and refuses to learn. Something, something, not wanting to contribute to global warming and the destruction of the environment by "submitting to the automotive zeitgeist." He tries to walk/skate to get around mostly, but will resort to public transit or getting a ride with someone else if the distance is too great or the weather inhospitable.
He was completely homeschooled with an extremely accelerated curriculum designed by his mother, an esteemed physics professor.
Mild-to-moderately claustrophobic, also suffers from asthma and is prone to respiratory illnesses.
He's always cold and hates it, has a lot of trouble withstanding the cold in general and tends to dress warmer/in layers even in warm seasons. (He is willing to sacrifice his comfort for fashion, however, so this rule isn't universal.)


Birthplace: Yorkshire, England

Weapon of Choice: Woodcutter's Axe

Username: OliverGoodnight (PR accounts), opheliangarden (personal)

Health Issues: Asthma, possibly ADHD?

Allergies: None

Phobias: Claustrophobia

Smells Like: Strawberries, thanks to his preferred soaps

Posture: Excellent

Voice/Speaking Style: Expressive, eloquent, clear, British accent, can be loud. Generally verbose and overly-talkative. Tenor singing voice.

Family: Only knows his mother, Lydia, and is unaware of any other relatives he may have.

Self-esteem: Way too much.

Temperament: Enthusiastic. Peppy and charming, with a flair for the dramatic.


Zodiac: Leo

Element: Fire

Temperament: Sanguine

Enneagram: 3w2


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Evil


Color: Green

Scent: Wet grass, petrichor

Flavor: Strawberry

Food: Strawberry Shortcake

Drink: Strawberry Smoothie

Cocktail: Strawberry Daiquiri

Animal: Butterflies and Moths

Place: Forests

Weather: Thunderstorm

Season: Spring

Holiday: Halloween

Story Genre: Horror, mystery

Music Genre: Pop punk, alt/indie rock



After more or less harassing him into it, Oliver finally got Zsolti to agree to help him investigate the strange events that they'd experienced together. Though they dislike one another and constantly bicker over even the most miniscule of things, they somehow make an excellent team. Ollie finds annoying him to be incredibly amusing, and thinks he's kind of a stuffy grouch of a man, but also appreciates that he's one of the few people he can consider to be on par with himself in many ways. For all his flaws, Oliver considers it incredibly lucky that of all people to fall into being his partner in this, it was someone like Zsolti. Even if, most of the time, he's a control freak with a giant stick up his ass.


Having been brought together by their mutual inquiry into a particular, mysterious topic, Lise has been vital in providing information on any ties to the hidden world of sorcerers and magic that they've been introduced to in their investigation. Personally, Ollie is more interested in what she may know and be able to teach him about the magical world, than anything else about her. He finds her pleasant enough though, if a bit fussy and pedantic (lol coming from him), and overall considers her a very valuable resource and a reliable ally.


Though her information network is indispensable and extremely valuable to his goals, Ollie doesn't exactly trust her. He is however willing to work with her to meet his own needs, even when it's clear she's using them as much as they're using her. Doesn't buy into her "enchanting" shtick for a second though, and holds her at arm's length at a minimum. He dislikes that on some level she seems to have actually befriended Zsolti, but figures as long as Zsolti is loyal to their cause - and to Oliver himself - first and foremost, their friendship can only be beneficial in the long run.


Oliver's co-star in the production he's currently working on: a sci-fi blockbuster in which she plays the romantic interest opposite his leading man. Finds her to be a bit too friendly and forward, but plays along in so far as he has no reason not to. However, he's aware of her reputation as a scathing gossip and backstabber, and so maintains a healthy dose of caution dealing with her in any context. He also thinks that, frankly, she's not that great of an actor, and was mostly hired for her looks more than anything. He also thinks she'd consider this judgement to be a compliment, more than likely, and he's absolutely right.


Ollie's latest in a long string of men that he's had carefully wrapped around his finger. He latched onto Silas because he initially seemed uninterested in Ollie entirely, and Oliver saw winning his affections as a fun challenge. However, at this point, many months later, Sy is so enamored with him, he worries the poor sap may have genuinely fallen in love with Ollie. Oliver has tried to give him the hint that their relationship is going nowhere. Unfortunately, Sy is persistent in pursuing him, and Ollie finds it hard to resist the urge to keep leading him on and letting him shower Ollie with the affection he so craves. It's only a matter of time until Oliver gets bored though, or finds someone more exciting, at which point he's afraid he's going to have to let Sy go. He can only hope that by then he'll have realized Ollie has no intention of taking things any further than the extremely casual thing they're engaged in currently.


Oliver's manager, one of the best in the business, who agreed to take Ollie on after having seen him in his previous appearances and feeling strongly that he's "the real deal". They often butt heads, as Reggie tends to be extremely strict and hypercritical of how Ollie's behaviors offscreen may reflect on his reputation in the industry. Ollie is aware that Reggie is only looking out for him, and has his best interests in mind, but is so overwhelmingly confident in his own abilities that he feels like it'll outshine any missteps he could possibly make. Likewise, Ollie finds it hard to submit to rules he doesn't necessarily agree with or see as beneficial, especially with regards to his own freedom and happiness. This definitely irritates Reggie to no end, but Ollie figures if he really recognizes Ollie's talent for what it is, he'll stick by him, rather than waste his chance at "crafting" the massive star he's surely on his way to becoming.