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A studious young mage who, after her estranged mother's passing, moved alongside her father to Amarillo Heights, in order to help her equally-estranged brother Blaire sort through their mother's belongings. Shortly after arriving, however, both Blaire and her father disappeared, leaving only a cryptic note behind. She's now been left to pick up the pieces and find out exactly what happened, where they've gone, and why.


Full Name: Liselotte Gratia Rosenfeld

Nicknames: Lise, Lottie

Age: 21

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Gender: Cis Woman

Orientation: Lesbian

Birthday: April 10th

Nationality: German

Species: Human (Sorcerer)


Height: 5'0" (152.5cm)

Body Type: Petite, thin

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Lavender

Hair Style: A lot of hair, long and wavy, likes doing partial updos and pigtails/braids.

Skin Tone: Fair, warm undertones

Race: White


Occupation: Apprentice Mage

Income Bracket: Magic-user (no need for mortal money)

Education: Homeschooled, sorcery-focused education

First Language: German

Other Languages: Englis (fluent)

Residence: Amarillo Heights, CA

Home: Her mother and brother's former home, a quaint 3-bedroom, filled to the brim with stuff and eclectically decorated.


Soft-spoken and gentle, could be considered somewhat shy.
Kind-hearted, goes out of her way to help people if she can.
Much more willing to speak up on behalf of others, than for herself.
Incredibly dedicated to and passionate about her magical studies, and learning in general.
Very knowledgeable, and loves sharing information and teaching people what she knows, but rarely capable of doing so in a concise way.
Often goes on long-winded tangents about magic, magic history, and other topics she's interested in.
Though she's generally very sweet, she does have a bit of an underlying temper, which comes out especially when she struggles to understand something, or if she's being actively antagonized.
Also tends to correct people unsolicited, sometimes to the point of irritating others, although she means well in doing so.


Short and petite body, with gentle curves.
Large brown eyes, thin eyebrows. Soft facial features.
Just so much hair, long and wavy, and lavender in color. Usually styled with partial pigtails, sometimes combined with little buns.
Typically pins one side of her bangs back out of her face.
Fair skin with warm undertones. Wears light makeup.


Dresses in very girly, feminine styles, with academia fashion elements.
Usually in pastels, primarily white, yellow and blue. Exceptions to this rule being red accents, and navy blue/gold (specifically if space/star themed).
A big fan of peter pan collars.
Pretty much exclusively wears skirts/dresses.
Loves things that are decorated with stars, moons, and similar symbols.
Often wears opaque tights.
Typical shoes are either oxfords/brogues or mary janes, usually in brown or black.
Typically wears ribbons in her hair, holding up her mini-pigtails and/or buns.
Is almost never seen without her yellow-gold crescent moon shaped hairclip, which typically pins back part of her bangs.


Magic, and learning about it, is her biggest hobby by far. She spends a lot of time practicing, studying both magical history and theory, and gathering materials.
Aside from that, she reads a lot, both fiction and nonfiction, preferring nonfiction overall.
She has a fondness for stargazing.
Likes to cook and bake, but is extremely bad at it.


Since her brother and father's disappearance, she's become the sole caretaker for her brother's cat, Salem. She hasn't had a cat since she was very young, so she worries a lot about taking good care of him. But Salem himself already seems very attached to her, and is extremely affectionate.
The house she's now living in, formerly her mother and brother's, is absolutely full of all kinds of stuff. Her mother seemed hesitant to throw away anything that could be important, and as a result the place is stacked to the ceiling with mostly books, documents and knicknacks, among other things.
Lise visits the local mage-shop in Amarillo fairly often, and through its owners was referred to Misery in her search for information about the mysterious group she believes is connected to her family's disappearance.
Though Misery had little to offer her at the time of their first meeting, just days later a pair of young men came asking about the very same group, and Misery happily put her in contact with them.
Since then they've all been collaborating on their investigation, having similar goals. Even Misery herself, intrigued by all of this, has offered her help (for a small price, of course).


Birthplace: Frankfurt, Germany

Weapon of Choice: Magic

Username: N/A

Health Issues: None

Allergies: Seasonal

Phobias: None

Smells Like: Herbs and candles

Posture: Average

Voice/Speaking Style: _

Family: Mother (recently passed), father (missing), and her older brother Blaire (missing alongside her father).

Self-esteem: Slightly below-average.

Temperament: Shy, but intently focused on her studies.


Zodiac: Aries

Element: _

Temperament: _

Enneagram: _


Alignment: Lawful Good


Color: Yellow

Scent: Matches

Flavor: Chai tea

Food: _

Drink: Chai tea latte

Cocktail: N/A

Animal: Cat

Place: _

Weather: Clear skies

Season: Summer

Holiday: _

Story Genre: Historical Nonfiction

Music Genre: Folk