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A violent individual who seems to have a vendetta against both the mysterious cult that Zsolti and Ollie are investigating, and against Zsolti and Ollie themselves. Though their motivations are unknown, it's clear that they are extremely dangerous and willing to cause harm to anyone that gets in their way.


Full Name: Halifax Markovic

Nicknames: Hal, Hali (Disliked)

Age: 24

Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs

Gender: Agender

Orientation: ???

Birthday: December 30th

Nationality: Russian-American

Species: Angel


Height: 4'10" (147cm)

Body Type: Very petite, skin-and-bones

Eye Color: Magenta

Hair Color: Dark Blue

Hair Style: Long and straight, choppily cut

Skin Tone: Very pale, cool undertones

Race: Mixed white and Japanese


Occupation: None

Income Bracket: N/A

Education: Basically none

First Language: Russian (Orally fluent, completely unable to read)

Other Languages: English (Orally fluent, only partially literate)

Residence: Amarillo Heights, CA

Home: The abandoned Markovic Manor, in the woods near Lake Sepultura


Cold and unemotive, speaks very little, expresses even less.
Extremely prone to violence, and seems to know few other ways of interacting with the world.
Often acts impulsively without giving a situation much thought.
Sadistic, enjoys making things (human or otherwise) suffer.
Though their emotions are stunted, they're capable of getting extremely angry if provoked.


Very short and petite, perhaps even malnourished.
Long, thick, and straight dark blue hair, which is cut choppily, with almost-straight bangs that form a subtle V-shape, and with a longer piece in the middle.
Large magenta eyes, and pale skin.
Tattoo-like black symbols on the front and back of both palms, as well as on their forehead under their bangs.
Occasionally, a light-based halo will appear above their head, in varying colors, shapes, and levels of complexity. Common colors are cobalt blue and magenta.
Very rarely, a pair of feathery wings will emerge from their back. Though the plumage appears black, it is actually a very dark blue.


Typically dresses in formless clothes, preferring cape-jackets and poncho-like outerwear pieces, most often in black or dark navy.
Under this, they tend to dress very utilitarian, in simple pants and long sleeve tops of the same colors.
Combat boots, and leather gloves (both fingerless and not).
Hates showing skin, aside from their hands and face.
They often wear several different knife harnesses on their person, some visible and some not.
Though they have a fondness for gold and ornate filigree, as well as antique-style military wear, they don't wear these styles very often, as it's simply not practical.
Most of their clothes are either scavenged from around the abandoned stores and residences of Amarillo, or stolen from places like military supply shops in nearby towns.


They love knives, and own dozens upon dozens of them. They carry as many on their person as possible. Other kinds of bladed weapons are also good, but knives are preferred.
Unfortunately, their favorite activity is probably torture.
They're almost illiterate, having never been properly taught how to read.
Despite this, they have a natural gift for Technomancy, and have scavenged basically every computer and related piece of hardware from around Amarillo, and have connected them all together to make... something, it's not entirely clear what yet.
Though they generally dislike most living things, they have a fondness for insects. In particular cockroaches and similar bugs. (This does not exempt the critters from being routinely tortured and killed by them, however.)
Despite all their knives and their penchant for hurting people, they have no combat training or skills, and tend to rely on relentlessness and brute force as a fighting style.
Likewise, despite their small stature, they have immense physical strength and stamina.


They have developed some very strange eating habits, as a result of having to live off of what they can scavenge from the abandoned stores in town. If you ask them their favorite beverage, they'd tell you it's hot sauce, which they drink straight from the bottle.
Honestly they probably eat bugs...
For some reason, crows will often flock to them, and follow them around in large numbers. They tend to react to this phenomenon with either apathy or annoyance, depending on the day.
Absolutely hates physical contact, and generally responds to it with violence (like most things).


Birthplace: Amarillo Heights, CA

Weapon of Choice: Knives, other bladed weapons

Username: N/A

Health Issues: None

Allergies: None

Phobias: ???

Smells Like: Burning plastic

Posture: Excessively stiff

Voice/Speaking Style: Quiet, light, and high voice, speaks carefully, as if unsure of their ability to

Family: Mother, Evelyn Markovic, founder of The Order, presumed deceased...?

Self-esteem: ???

Temperament: Unpredictable, unemotive, and physicially violent


Zodiac: Capricorn

Element: _

Temperament: _

Enneagram: _


Alignment: Neutral/Chaotic Evil


Color: Black

Scent: Blood

Flavor: Spicy

Food: Whatever

Drink: Hot sauce

Cocktail: N/A

Animal: Cockroach

Place: The Markovic Manor

Weather: Snow

Season: Winter

Holiday: Christmas

Story Genre: Picture book

Music Genre: Cacophonic